August 19th, 2002

We apologize for the inconvenience

This weekend was clearly brought to you by the letter “F.” As in “Fubar.”

Because of circumstances, I never made it to the Anime Alliance Picnic and, although I did in fact make it to the Anime Next meeting and to Meow Mix, the A/V person that should have been there never showed. So we did not have an anime showing. We did have an impromptu get-together/chat session and I met a few new folks and spoke with alot of friends and staff and that was cool.

About 6:30 we decided that we’d blow the popsicle stand and go back to whence we came…and apparently someone came in after that, so my apologies to that lone person who wondered where the hell we were.

For various reasons, we won’t be returning to Meow Mix, so I’m pretty comfortable in saying that that kind of thing won’t happen again.

Feel free to bitch at me at if you were that person.

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