Events: Yuricon 2003 schedule

October 31st, 2002

The end of a loooooooong summer

Finally! My touring/presenting/schmoozing schedule has come to a close. Anime Next
was fun from my perspective, mostly because it was quiet, friendly and local. LOL We sold a few Yuricon shirts and posters…and I ran right out and spent the money on One Piece toys.

I wasn’t able to go to Yaoicon, and I won’t be going to Nekocon, so the next time you see me will likely be after the New Year at either Katsucon or Anime Boston.

In effect, 2002 is over for me. Now the Yuricon staff and I will be focusing on entirely dull and uninteresting administrative things – signing up vendors, advertisers, sponsor, etc. (If you are interested in helping out with any of this, or want to support Yuricon in some financial way, then PLEASE feel free to contact us!)This is all the tedious, uninteresting stuff that no one wants to do, but it has to be done to get a con going. I’m working on the above, lining up entertainment and working on our two Yuricon publications – Yuri Monogatari, an original shoujoai compilation, and a translation of a very fine Japanese manga series, Rica ‘te kanji?! by Yuricon Guest of Honor, Rica Takashima. I’m looking forward to being able to present both of these in 2003. YM will have some big names contributing – Yuricon guests Steve Bennett of Ironcat Studios, Mike “Haze-man” Hayes, Rica Takashima and Kathryn Williams of Kat and Neko Manga. We’re very excited about it, not surprisingly.

The holidays aren’t far off, so let me plug our Yuricon Goodies page, at you. You can find stickers, posters, t-shirts, even lunchboxes to help you and your friends-but-you’d-like-to-be-more get off on a good footing. And they make great gifts for your favorite yuri fanboy or fangirl! Show your support for Yuricon and get some great swag, drop by the Yuricon Goodies page.

While I’ve got your attention, let me tell you a funny story about Rica Takashima. (It’s pretty easy to do, she’s a funny lady.) I was busting on her for not having a sex scene between the protagonist of her manga, Rica, and her lover, Miho. She answered by coming out to lunch with a pile of paper. She hands it to me and says, here is a “sex scene” I did for a friend’s doujinshi. We read the story, about a Princess of the Art Kingdom, who’s dad is King Picasso (his face looks like Picasso painting face.) There is a sex scene between the princess and another woman. But…as they are both in octopus form it looks like a tangled web of tentacles. We all laughed and joked about “tentacle sex.” This is the kind of wacked out sense of humor Rica has. She’ll be a terrific guest at Yuricon – just you wait and see.

One more plug for the web site and I’ll go. Yuricon Registration is open, with a vengeance. If yopu register right now, it’s $15 off the at-the-door price. That’s pretty good, if you ask me. :-) That price *will* be going up at the end of the year, so register now, while it’s at its lowest!

I’ll be back again next time with a funny story about another guest…Kat Williams. LOL

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