Events: Yuricon at Comiket 62

December 21st, 2002

There are a lot of good reasons for me to *not* go to Japan, but for me, the most pressing problem I have is…language paralysis.

I’ve learned a painful lesson about myself – I get star struck. It’s sad and pathetic, but true. Like most otaku, I have few social skills and the ones I do have are a facade. ^_^ And these simply disappear when faced with someone I think is better than ultra-cool. It’s a weird feeling. I’m usually a good speaker, competent, coherent…and then Ogata Megumi asks me how I’m doing and I become a drooling moron. Sigh…

But the worst part of it is, my language skills simply go away. Here I am, surrounded by nice people with whom I can practice my Japanese, and I can barely remember, “excuse me.” (Not entirely true, the entire weekend to which I am referring, I said practically nothing else.) Hell, I can barely remember basic English phrases. So language paralysis is definitely an issue for me.

Why am I even mentioning this, you may be wondering? Well, because in 6 days, I’m leaving for Japan. And I am painfully aware that without my friend there to help me, four years of study will fly away like dandelion fuzz as soon as I get there and am forced to try and communicate. It ought to be amusing…for someone who isn’t me. I and my wife will be going there for about two weeks to attend Winter Comiket. It ought to be an adventure. I also have a deep-set desire to spend New Year’s Eve in Sanrio Puro Land (Hello Kitty Land) to the consternation of everyone I mention it to. Other than that, I expect to be dragged to a Shinjuku Ni-chome bar (duh!) and forced to tour Tokyo like a gaping tourist, all of which I’m looking forward to immensely. ;-) There is nothing as freeing as being a complete tourist somewhere. Once you get used to being stared at, it’s all easy and fun. ^_^

I can’t promise to have computer access there, but if I do, I’ll let you know how I’m doing… if not, then when I get back, I’ll regale you with tales of my adventures in Comiket-land! ^_^

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