Events: One week to Yuricon 2003!

June 5th, 2003

I know I’ve been really bad about updating this blog, but I think I have good reasons. 1) Blogger totally trashed two of my updates and I didn’t have the time or energy to do more; 2) There’s only one week left before Yuricon 2003!

Yes, only one week left before you can talk, watch, eat, drink, breathe, dance and buy yuri and shoujoai out the wazoo. This is going to be a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime, never to be repeated event, so I hope you’ll all make it for the big show.

Because there’s SO many things happening at Yuricon, I thought I’d spend the next week highlighting one or two extra special things each day. Today, I want to let you know about some of the incredible Video programming we’ve got lined up:

U.S. Premier of Alien 9 – this short OVA is destined to be a classic. It’s a dark allegorical tale of abuse, love, childhood and death and ought to appeal to all you Gothlings. We’re very proud to be the first US con to show Alien 9. CPM has been a terrific corporate partner to us, so buy lots of their stuff at Yuricon! LOL We’ll be showing Alien 9 Friday night and again later during the con.

Devil Lady Marathon – this series is quite possibly the *yuriest* anime series ever made. And although ADV hasn’t finished releasing it in the US, they’ve given us permission to show all of it in one fell swoop! Friday night, all night, you can get your fill of creepy goodness, while Jun mutates into the sexiest, hunkiest Devil Beast of all…watch as Asuka tortures her with her incredible sexuality, as Kazumi makes her crazy by suggesting they share a bed…as love grows and sex and hate become the same thing – all with not a single sex scene in the damn show!! LOL This is a classic series from Go Nagai, I promise you’ll love it.

Hong Kong/Live Action Marathon – We’ve got some great live action movies lined up, too, from the yuri-filled Naked Killers, to transgendered He’s a Woman, She’s a Man and Sennen no Koi and a host of other funny, silly, tacky, wonderful titles. Make space in your schedule for the hottest yuri live action ever – Peony Pavilion. This movie absolutely melts the screen – again, without any actual sex. I have never in my life seen cards played like that….

We’ve got a Chicks with Wepons track – marginally yuri, but hot as hell, we wanted to share them with you: Tsukikage Ran, One Piece’s Nami and the like, they are cool, they are hot and we know that if they met the right woman, they’d be ours for life! LOL

Yaoi at Yuricon – Well, so many of our fans like it too, that we thought we’d show you some of the silliest and cheesiest yaoi. We’ll leave the cutting edge stuff to Shoujocon and Yaoicon – we want you to see brilliant fan sub parody, Boku no Sucky-sucky!

One more thing to note – we are NOT holding a henati-thon at Yuricon. Why not? Because I hate the damn things…they always lump a bunch of crappy hentai together really late at night, so only insomniac perverts can watch. Well, speaking as an insomniac pervert, I want to see hentai whenever I feel like it! And we’re not afraid of hentai at Yuricon. Our audience is all grown up, so we’ll be showing it any time we damn well feel like. Check the Video schedule for some high-quality (either story *or* animation, but not usually both at once) yuri hentai all weekend long.

We’ve been working for months to bring you yuri, yaoi and transgendered anime from the very first Ribon no Kishi, through the classics, to the newest releases we can find. And I hope you’ll spend the weekend with us marveling at all the amazing, hunky, sexy lesbian heroines that anime has for us to enjoy.

Next time: Games and Contests

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