Events: Games at Yuricon 2003

June 7th, 2003

We’ve got some amazing Contest and Games lined up for Yuricon 2003, and I wanted to take you over a few of the best, so you can plan your days accordingly!

Most of what I’m writing is on the website under our Contests and Games pages, but what the heck, here’s a slightly different take on things!

We’ve already held two online contests, a Fanfic contest and Yuriko’s own art contest. Winning entries will be put up on the Yuricon website later this month, so you can all share in the fun!

But we’ve got more than just that planned:

Anime Music Video Contest – this is an AMV contest with a twist, since most of the entries have a shoujoai theme. I’ve seen a few and they’re pretty great – I can’t wait to see them all. Immediately following the AMV panel, a popular and award-winning AMV artist will be doing an all-night AMV demo, to show you how it works! We�ll show the final result at the closing ceremonies.

Yurikosplay – as far as we know, Yurikosplay is the first and only cosplay event to have a separate category for cross-play, which is getting more and more popular every year! And where else can you see the Cosplay judges get up from their tables and head over to the stage to dance and sing? But I can gurantee that that’s exactly what you’ll see at Yuricon, when Yume no Senshi and Gaijin-a-gogo judge the cosplay, then perform for your entertainment.

But that’s just our contests – our games will be sure to tickle at least your funny bone.

Hate them Darts is the perfect chance to take out your frustration on those characters that stand between your favorite lesbian couple. Folks who hit the bulls eye get a little something to remember their marksmanship by.

Yuriko’s Dating Game – It *totally* doesn’t matter if you�re gay, straight, pan- or a- for this game. The questions are silly and everyone’s a winner. If you meet the partner of your dreams, that’s great, but it’s so not the point. LOL

Drag Show – About every other cosplayer these days is dressed as the opposite sex. Why not take it one step further and just do it? Forget cosplay – this is about dressing up and having fun. It’s not a contest, just a chance to look hot and have some fun.

We’ll also be offering all the usual – trivia contest, and an anime improv (go ahead, BE funny at 2AM) and silly Yuricon Mad Libs – style games, and I expect to see you all at all of them, having a lot of fun!

Next time: Panels

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