Events: Panels at Yuricon 2003

June 8th, 2003

I’ll admit it – Panels are the only thing at a con I really enjoy…and then, only the panels I’m on. LOL So, at Yuricon, I wanted to make the Panels and Workshops everything I thought they should be at every con!

If you want more detailed information, you can visit the Panels and Workshops page at the Yuricon 2003 site, but here’s a quick overview for those of you who want to know some of the special things we’re offering.

Panels, Workshops and Demos are split up into tracks: Art, Cosplay, Fiction, Academic, Manga Industry, Yuri and Other. Each track has a focus, obviously, and I want just tell you a little about each one.

Our Academic Lecture Series is, as far as we know, a first at an anime convention. We have five scholars from all across North America, presenting papers that deal with women roles in relation to anime and manga, whether as a character, as a reader or as a creator. We’ll follow this up with a Q&A session – and let me tell you, i’ts a blast to ask questions of people who really *know* their stuff. This series is countering our Yurikosplay for those of you who, like me are less into dressing up and more into the history and nature of the beast.

The Art track deals with, obviously, art-related issues. Guests Mike Hayes will show you how to draw manga-style art and Kat Williams will show you how to computer color. We’re even running an Art Clinic, so you can bring pieces in for advice from th experts. And Guests of Honor Rica Takashima and Eriko Tadeno will talk about drawing yuri manga specifically, so you can think about how exactly to draw a sex scene or a kiss.

For folks like myself who find words to be the ouvre of choice, there’s the Fanfic Track. Panels and workshops will discuss all aspects of fanfic creation and even a “best and worst’ panel. We’ve also got a Fanfic Clinic for those of you who want some help on a particularly recalcitratn passage..

The Cosplay Track deals with all things costuming, from traditional kimono tying to experts plying you with advice and answering your questions. We’ve even got a Cosplay 101 for beginners and a Cosplay Clinic the day after the Yurikosplay – so you can learn the hows and whys of beginning to advanced Cosplay.

Of course, we have many panels dealing with yuri and yaoi in anime and comics, and we’re not forgetting American comics, either. We’ve even got panels to discuss men’s and women’s place in yuri and the positives and negatives associated with being a male or female fan of yuri.

And that hardly begins to scratch the surface. We’ve got AMV panels (and an AMV-making demo to follow!) and many other panels and workshops, designed to pique the fancy of every Yuricon attendee. We plan on keeping you busy for three days solid, or die trying! LOL.

Next time: Art, art everywhere…

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