Events: Autumn 2003

August 5th, 2003

The One-Armed Bandit

Wow. Having a broken arm totally sucks, let me tell you.

Now that I have basically able to type with both hands again, I can update you on the Yuricon/ALC Publishing schedule for the next few weeks:

Otakon – August 8-10, Baltimore Convention Center

Yuricon will be sharing a table with our friends from Anime Next and Shoujocon. Which means that ALC Publishing will be on hand to sell you good, high quality English- and Japanese-language shoujoai and yuri manga! How cool is that. No panels or lectures this time – you’ll find me in the Dealer’s Room or tagging along behind one of the three women in this world I worship.

Shoujocon – August 22-24, Rye Hilton

ALC Publishing and Yuricon have a table in the DR, so you’ll see us there, you can be sure. We’ll have more manga for you – maybe even a sneak preview of our next publication! More importantly, you’ll have a chance to get your fill of shoujoai and yuri in the many panels, discussion groups and workshops that I’ll be doing. You know I love to meet you all, so stop by and say hi.

Important Animerica Scoop

The September issue of anime and manga monthly, Animerica has been taken over by Yuricon!

I wrote an article about yaoi/yuri, which dovetailed into a detailed conversation with Editor-in-Chief Julie Davis about shoujo anime and manga, which became a second article with which I assisted her (and in turn was assisted by Jenn Dittrich and Paulette Hodge, two very fine shoujo KOLs.) To top it all off, check the New Manga section for a release notice for Rica ‘tte Kanji!? our delightful second manga, by Rica Takashima. All in all, it’s a Yuricon-filled issue. And you hear it here first. :-)

Don’t forget to stop by at Otakon, buy some manga, say hi to the Erica and leave presents. I’ll see you there!

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