Yuri Anime: Autumn 2003 Season

August 15th, 2003

Watch for upcoming series Air Master and Steel Angel Kurumi Second. They couldn’t be more different, but they have one thing in common, they are as yuri as can be. Air Master is the story of a female street fighter who used to be a champion gymnast. Steel Angel Kurumi is one of what I call the “Paper Doll” anime, also known as bishoujo. The main plot is pretty much non-existent, but we see Kurumi dressed in a variety of cute girl outfits. There’s one legit lesbian character and everything, but no story to speak of.

So you think you know shoujo?

As I labored to assist Animerica with a Must-Read List” for shoujo manga fans, I noted that there are many mangaka who are incredibly popular and well-known in Japan, who have been shaping shoujo manga for a gazillion years there, but whose names are practically unknown here in America. I thought it would be fun to make this into a game.

Each time I update, I’ll put out the name of one of these well-known mangaka, and you have to email me at anilesbocon01@hotmail.com with *three* titles that the mangaka has written. The first person to send me correct titles wins. But there’s a catch, of course. :-) I didn’t want this to be too easy so, one of those titles has to be something that has not been translated into English.

For example, let’s say that we start with one of the obvious choices: CLAMP

This all-female manga and anime production team is as popular here in the west as it is in Japan, with many manga series running in English. In order to win, you’d have to send me at least one title that has not been translated, is not being translated or and probably will not be translated anytime soon. So, no cheating and looking at Tokyo Pop company Press Releases. ;-)

A winning response might be: Chobits, Card Captor Sakura, Shirahimesho. The first two are already translated, but the third isn’t and probably won’t be anytime soon. However, it’s a beautifully drawn, very grown up ghost story collection and I highly recommend it. :-)

So, to start off, here’s the first mangaka of the “So you call yourself a shoujo fan” game – we’ll start with an easy one:

Saito Chiyo

Saito Chiyo is well-known for her beautiful and surrealistic settings. She draws heavily on earlier works by shoujo mangaka and has luscious characters, and stories that are filled with nobility of all kinds.

Remember…the first person to email me three titles, at least one not yet translated to anilesbocon01@hotmail.com and you’ll get some kind of prize! :-)

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