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January 16th, 2004

Traces of Yuri

Part 2

Kaleido Star:
Another inoffensive (this time, really) anime, it seems to have been co-produced by and licensed by ADV. I can only imagine that they are targeting this towards a TV release, because there is *nothing* in this anime that would offend the mildest of viewers, with perhaps the exception only of the ecchi “Spirit of the Kaleido Stage,” who can’t be seen by anyone else but the lead. Since we (and he) do not actually get to see anything naughty, it would make a pretty good TV choice.

The plot is basically the same as  the old classic shoujo anime Aim for the Ace,Ace wo Nerae , (which I will review next week,) only this time instead of Tennis, the venue is something remotely Cirque de Soleil-ish. The lead, Naegino Sora, is a sweet, enthusiastic and energetic girl, without being too genki, too shy or too aggressive. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, but she’s not rude either – the perfect modern Japanese girl. Sora’s dream is to perform on the “Kaleido Stage” in America as an acrobat/performer. Of course, her dream comes true…with
many challenges that will force her to become a stronger and more mature person, etc., etc.

Is there yuri? There is, but, not much.

Mia & her roommate/partner in crime,
Anna are definitely and obviously a couple. They ping the gaydar from about Episode 3 onwards, and as the story (what little of it there is) develops, they seem more and more obvious. The only thing like confirmation we get is in Episode 19, where we actually see them sharing a bed, facing each other and close enough that they have to be touching. That’s about all. It’s not hot lesbo sex, kids, but would probably slide by a TV censor easily. The series is continuing on Japanese TV, so I’ll keep watching, but I do not expect Mia and Anna’s wedding episode anytime soon. :-)

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*In case you care, my fetishes are, in no particular order: psychotic and/or nasty women; competency, chicks with weapons, uniforms and classic literature or mythology used cleverly.

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