Yuri Anime: Things to Watch Out For

January 19th, 2004

From the “Vox Populi” in the second volume of Yuri Shimai, and the Yuri Kokoro blog, a Japanese language blog about yuri anime and manga, here are two new series with “yuri.” How much, I don’t know, but I’ll keep my eyes open for you, promise. :-)

Tokyo Underground Yuri Shimai says that Chelsea Rorec is gay, I can see that she’s at least protective of Ruri-sama. Only time will tell whether this series indeed has yuri.

Mezzo – The OVA for this series, Mezzo Forte was violent and full of fanservice, but still managed to be goofy and a little dumb. Yuri Kokoro tells us that the anime has yuri. It certainly has two girls. We’ll see whether that translates to anything other than akogare and fanservice.

Speaking of time will tell, the second episode of Maria-sama ga Miteru has been released and the verdict is in – the anime is not quite as satisfying to me as the manga (which, in turn, I’ve read on several Japanese sites, isn;t as good as the original novels.) Sachiko seems more self-absorbed and selfish in the anime. Nonetheless, if it travels along similar lines to the manga, it’ll still be good shoujoai. :-)

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