January 24th, 2004

Yuricon Auctions are back!

Get your red-hot Yuri manga starting tonight with a new batch of Yuricon auctions!

Here’s just some of what Yuricon auctions has to offer you:

Indigo Blue – Reviewed just yesterday, remember? This wonderful yuri manga by openly lesbian mangaka Yamaji Ebine is sure to please all yuri fans.

Yuri Shimai, Issue 2 – To be reviewed Monday, right here on Okazu. Get your copy of SunSun’s all-yuri, all-shoujoai, all adorable quarterly yuri manga magazine.

Newtype magazines with postcards and posters from yuri-icious series Noir, Angel Dust, Angel Dust Neo and Kiddy Grade

Hen– can Chizuru win Azumi’s heart…or at least get a kiss? Find out in Hen, Vol. 2 and 3

Uranus and Neptune Doujinshi – a doujinshi coloring book starring those queens of yuri, Haruka and Michiru!

Rose Hip Rose – Shounen manga, lesbian character with a gun and an attitude…you can’t beat that!

These and other shoujo and shounen goodies are going up for auction tonight, so visit Yuricon auctions and bid!

All proceeds go directly to Yuricon and ALC Publishing’s yuri manga projects.

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