Yuri Anime: Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

January 28th, 2004

Things I’m Not Going To Write About
Part 2

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito (The Travelers Yami and The Hat and The Book) – Based on one of the multitude of H-games in existence, this disappointing anime has pretty much *the* most openly lesbian character in all of 2003. Azuma Hazuki; tall, cool, competent, hopelessly obsessed with her oneesama (their relationship is never clearly defined in the story, but then, neither is anything else in the story like, say, the plot…) Hatsumi. Hazuki is mortified when Hatsumi disappears on her 16th birthday, and follows her recklessly (and kind of pointlessly) through alternate worlds, fending off the advances of other women and hordes of ambiguous enemies, all within the thinnest and only barely plausible of story frameworks. Entire chunks of the anime are like, “huh?”

But, who cares? Hazuki’s hot; her desire for Hatsumi is very physical and made very, *very* obvious. There’s one story arc that is decent and Hazuki gets a  rather poignant kiss from a Hatsuki lookalike. (And don’t we all wish she had just stayed with Princess Fujiwara? I know I do.)

At the end there’s one really decent kiss, although it’s only in a dream sequence. The end of the anime sucks (well, duh! It’s an H-game…did you think it was about *us*?) but it’s pretty and Hazuki is cool and carries a wicked sword. Overall, this is worth a watch, but don’t go into it with high expectations.


Yuri – 9
Art – 8
Story – 4
Music – 6 (either you like it or not. I didn’t ever really like it.)
Characters – 7

Overall – 7

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  1. Jyun Kano says:

    Would this comment section be the right place to ask about an anime you reviewed so long ago?
    Anyways, what the hell was the point of that random guy kissing scene with Hatsumi in the very first episode?!

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