Jubei-chan 2: Revenge of the Siberian Yagyuu Anime

February 25th, 2004

How About A Quickie?

I’m a little pressed for time today, so today’s review will have to be a quickie…

Jubei-chan 2: Revenge of the Siberian Yagyuu

Let me cut to the chase here – no Yuri. BUT, it has instead everything else that makes a series worth watching, lots of hot women fighting with swords, wearing eyepatches and ninja clothes designed by Frazetta.

While there is no overt Yuri, Jiyu and newcomer Yagyuu Fureesha (Felicia?) get awfully snuggly at times, and their relationship has tons of that popular love/hate tension. And when Jubei-chan rescues Fureesha from the moat….drool. I have no less than 3 screencaps of that scene. :-) There’s plenty to work with in terms of fanon Yuri here.

The side characters are still bizarre and kookie, Mikage is still a babe, Jiyu’s dad is still a goofball. With the exception of Koinusuke, pretty much every fun character from the original series has returned. Instead of Koinuske’s incompetent adorableness, we have his repulsive, if competent, son. And tons of drama, of course. 7 episodes into this series and it’s been great.

If you liked the first series…or you like really hot, competent women who fight and are cool as hell (and wear eyepatches….did I mention that? I think that I’ve developed an eyepatch fetish – between Yuriko from Yuricon, Ryomou from Ikkitousen and Jubei-chan, I’m starting to realize that I *really* like women with one eye covered. ^_^;) then you’ll enjoy this series too. No Yuri, but lots of everything else and plenty of room for Yuri subtexty fandom.


Art – N/A. The art in the series varies wildly from stunning to awful on purpose. It’s impossible to rate Characters – 9
Story – 8
Yuri – 1

Overall – 8

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