Events: Back from A-kon

June 8th, 2004

I’m just back from A-kon, in Dallas, where I had way too much fun.

No review today, except this: If you like the utterly tacky, I strongly recommend Petticoat Planet, which was undeniably one of the stupidest and funny sort-of-lesbian softcore movies I’ve ever seen. It’s live action (although using the word “action” in reference to this movie is pushing it a bit…) but the Sheriff and the Mayor are a great couple. And the Mayor actually says, “Gimme a bottle a redeye and a crazy straw.” That alone was worth watching this piece of crap. ^_^

While I probably won’t be returning to A-kon next year, we may just have a table there anyway, because many Yuri manga from ALC Publishing were sold over the weekend – and there was an impromptu Yuri panel at 1AM, as well.

I’ll post a new review once I am again coherent. In the meantime, mark down our next date – June 18-20, in Secaucus, NJ for Anime Next. I hope you’ll drop in at the Yuri panel on Saturday at 3PM, or say hi to us at the table and buy some great Yuri manga!

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