Yuri Manga: Boku Ai

June 9th, 2004

Today’s review is on a one-shot comic, Boku Ai, which ran in Flower Comics’ Sho-Comi, a magazine for older teens. Sho-Comi tends to have off-beat stories that are violent or filled with strange sex and other fetishes. Boku Ai was the first (as far as I know) yuri manga that they’ve ever run.

The story of Boku Ai is a simple one – Sara and Youko were friends when they were young, but now, in high school, Sara runs with the beautiful people, while Youko is decidedly average. When Sara renews her acquaintance with Youko by sneaking into her room one night and kissing her goodnight, it’s a short trip for Youko from infatuated to seriously gaga.

Sara continues her pursuit with some serious kissing and generally pisses off the rest of the student body, who are all now jealous of Youko.

But Sara has an ulterior motive, as Youko learns when she comes home to discover her mother and Sara’s father in bed together. Youko goes running back to Sara, who calls her a fool and rejects her, claiming that her affection was really only a form of revenge.

Lucky for us, Youko’s stronger than Sara thought and she fights back, ultimately gaining Sara’s respect and love.

It’s not a deep story – it’s only a one-shot, so it seems a little rushed – but the kissing is nice. :-) Everything else about it is average, really.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMGS! That’s like, the first and only Yuri manga I’ve ever read! in original form, no less. I am amazed. Thanks for reviewing it.

  2. The first and only? Wow, you need to catch up! LOL

    Try reading some GOOD Yuri manga, like anything by Yamaji Ebine, or the Rica Takashima and Eriko Tadeno stuff we’ve published at ALC. :-)

  3. Kotoko says:

    Dang! I dont use irc . Its…hard. and i tryed and i dont want to try again lol. I’m D/L bittorrent. but its a long time to download…any idea where i use get the manga?

  4. Nope. Used Japanese manga stores like Book-Off would be your best bet.

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