Yuricon News: New Yuri Manga at Otakon!

July 29th, 2004

Well, it’s that time again, and a bunch of folks from Yuricon and ALC Publishing will be at Otakon in Baltimore this coming weekend.

And we have very exciting news for this Otakon, because we’re premiering our brand-new, all-yuri, all-original, English-language manga anthology, Yuri Monogatari!

You can get it at the Planet Anime booth in the Otakon Dealer’s Room exclusively for the con. Afterward, you can stop by the Yuricon Shop and get a copy through our good friends at Anime Castle.

Yuri Monogatari has over 140 pages of truly wonderful art and stories, and it’s all-Yuri, all the time. And if you’re at Otakon, bring your copy over to the Anime Next and Yuricon table, and Cover Artist Kelli Nicely will autograph it for you. :-) We’ll also have all our ALC yuri manga, and some random classic yuri and Yuricon goodies for sale. I hope you’ll make a point to come by (look for “Anime Next” on the DR map) and say hello and chat about yuri and shoujoai.

When I get back, I’ll give you a nice detailed review of Yuri Monogatari and lots of other yuri goodies.

I’ll see you at Otakon!

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