Yuri Manga: Onna x Onna Premium

August 9th, 2004

Last time I placed an order with Amazon Japan, I decided to use the “People who bought that, also bought this” feature. It’s a pretty useless feature in English, (except to point out that people’s buying habits make pretty much no sense to me…), but when one is shopping in a foreign language, it’s darn useful! Or so I thought, but I forgot that there are way more bottom-feeding pervs than lesbian readers with discriminating tastes, so….

I got a few cool things, like Yuri Shimai 4 and the Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CD 3 & 4 collection – which I have yet to review, but will – and I clicked on a few utterly random books bought by the same bottom feeders who read Yuri Shimai. ^_^

First up, I bought, after long consideration, an utter piece of crap called Onna x Onna Premium (Girl/Girl Premium). I knew it was going to be iffy when I bought it, just based on the cover. It’s a Yuri hentai anthology, where the definition of Yuri is much looser than my own. The book cover features two exceptionally over-endowed women stuffed into ill-fitting Chinese dresses, looking like they had fevers that had just broken. Neither of them look very much like they are enjoying themselves. The cover clarifies for us, “‘Lesbian’ is a female homosexual.” So you *know* we’re talking an intelligent and refined audience here.

The ensuing stories range from “Bleah” to “Yuck” with a few, “Well, comparatively this doesn’t utterly suck” thrown in. My biggest complaint is the excessive amount of bodily fluids, but the moe, the over-busy art and the general sense of crappy hentai for creeps didn’t endear any of the contributors to me. What *was* amusing was that I recognized several of the artists from doujinshi I own.

Let me just rant for a moment. What *is* it with the huge amounts of bodily fluids gouting from these girls? I mean, even on a really hot day, with exceptionally hot sex, I’m betting that most women do not spew fluids like that. Sure, a few might, fine…but come *on*!

Anyway, I found about two stories in the anthology that didn’t make me go, “ewwww” for one reason or another. ^_^


Art – inferior to excrable.
Story – Ha! Characters – Snort.
Yuri – Shrug.

If you like childish girls with penises having unpleasant sex, this is JUST what you’re looking for! ^_^;

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  1. Serge says:

    I actually did this too, but I’m not sure what I’m getting except that it has something to do with Marimite. It might be the manga since there were two volumes and they were bundling them together, but I’ll find out in a couple of weeks. I also ordered Yuri Tengoku 1 just so that shipping wouldn’t cost more than the things I ordered.

  2. You’re pretty safe with Marimite, anyway. :-) I’m becoming wary of the anhtologies – they are just not catering to my tastes at *all*. On the whole, ALC’s Yuri Monogatari is much, much, better than any of the Japanese anthologies I’ve gotten so far.

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