Yuri Manga: Love Yuri-Gumi

August 10th, 2004

Along with yesterday’s winner, I picked up Love Yuri-gumi (gumi means gang, or group), another yuri anthology. What this anthology lacked in dickchicks and bodily fluids, it made up for in seriously ugly art.

This was kind of annoying, because on the whole, the stories are pretty straightforward – girl and girl have meaningless, empty sex, accompanied by meaningless, empty conversation. Okay, that’s not fair – the conversations may be riveting, but I’m never going to know, because the art is SO unattractive in nearly every story, that I can barely stand to look at the thing. Only one story was bearable art-wise, and it was a typical school-girl thing. There’s a few loli stories – one with girls so young and bug-eyed that they look like premies and another with kids that look like, oh, I don’t know, chubby Japanese dolls, I guess. But in general, even if the stories themselves were much less yucky than the Premium anthology, they were so *ugly* that I just didn’t want to look.

This anthology is, perhaps, the least good yuri anything I’ve encountered since Susaku Replay, which is so utterly repulsive and without merit that it stands in a class by itself.

Ratings: Art – 1. Story – who can tell? Characters – Horrible, simply horrible. Yuri – 10, but it’s just not worth it.

Despite the wonderful title, and the cover that says, “Even Women Want To Fall In Love With Each Other” Love Yuri-gumi is a big zero.

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