Yuri Anime: The Return of Kekko Kamen?

August 11th, 2004

In a report from Chibicon, ADV has said that they are planning a release of Kekko Kamen (aka Kekkou Kamen) on DVD, with a new dub. Finally, a modern audience will be able to experience the truly wonderful wackiness that is Kekkou Kamen! Let us all rejoice!

Of course, yuri fans know not to watch the dub, right? Because if you watch the dub, you’ll miss the dulcet tones of Shinohara Emi, seiyuu of reknown, who voiced yuri fave Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto in Sailor Moon, and is now captivating audiences as Mizuno Youko/Rosa Chinensis in Maria-sama ga Miteru. Shinohara Emi plays the heroine in Kekko Kamen with panache and even sings the fantastic theme, Kekkou Kamen no Uta.

I reviewed Kekko Kamen back on April 8. Please check out that review, then, when ADV releases it on DVD, you’ll be all primed and ready for the nude escapades of this particular fighter for love and justice. :-) And remember – buy your yuri anime legitimately and be a real human. Annoy Bill at Anime Castle by sending him messages that you want to pre-order a copy – he loves getting email from yuri fans begging him to sell them stuff. :-)

And speaking of Go Nagai, dubs and nude escapades, here’s a review of the dub of Go Nagai’s Devilman Lady. Again, yuri fans may want to skip the dub altogether and instead enjoy the voice talent of Iwao Junko, who also voiced Daidouji Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura.

All this Go Nagai goodness has made me want to go listen to the Devilman Lady soundtrack. I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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