Maria-sama ga Miteru…JAV

September 25th, 2004

Since I was doing a round-up of all things Marimite this week, and since I’m going to be on the road for the next several days, I thought I’d end this week with a hoot and a holler. Or at least a big, juicy laugh.

One of the things floating around right now is a Japanese Adult Video (JAV) parody of Maria-sama ga Miteru called Maria-sama ga mite iru.

Right off the top, there are two versions of this parody. The “Main Angle” version is pretty straight forward. The scenes are directly taken from the first Marimite novel, with some changes for length, content and the fact that this is a cheeseball porn parody. The dialogue, as always with crappy low budget movies is awkward and slow and poorly paced. The characters are fine though, the main characters even look fit for the part and everything.

The “Multi Angle” version is so abstract that it kind of becomes artsy and girly feeling. Lingering shots of legs, shoulders, arms and feet (the cameraman has *such* a shoe fetish…) that in a lot of ways it was better than the Main Angle, at least for me. The Multi Angle is also out of context – there’s no dialogue scenes between the sex scenes, so in a way it was sort of sexier.

The sex is sex and not particularly interesting, in terms of review – type commentary. What *was* interesting was the way that the characters actually tried to play their characters straight, so the Sachiko character (referred to in conversation as “faux-Sachiko”) was particularly brilliant. She plays the character exactly as if she were a Sachiko who sexually desired Yumi. The faux-Yumi was equally well-chosen, if only for her embarrassed eye-lowering and face-hiding. Cute, yet wildly irritating after an hour. ^_^

Was it worth watching? Yeah, if you like that kind of thing. I was more interested in the parody aspect than the sex, but that was nice too.  Wait, let me be clear here…there were in fact four “sex” scenes. The first was a sloppy kiss fest which was kinda gross, unless you really like saliva. The second was a fantasy scene that was, IMHO, very hot. “Yuki’s” actress was clearly hired for her ability to fake an orgasm…. The third sex scene was sexy, but it looked really uncomfortable for the actresses, as they were on classroom chairs. And the last was, IMHO, too long and neither of them looked into it or convincing. (But I have heard differing opinions on all of these, so take it as my personal opinion and with the proverbial grain of salt.)

Ratings: You’ve *got* be kidding! ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I just read your post and I was wondering where did you find the DVD? I tried to order it from but it says that it can’t send the order to my shipping address. Is there anywhere else that sells it?

  2. jessica says:

    Great! thanks to reading this now I’m EXTREMELY curious to see this lol! but I can’t seem to find it online which is very sad :( damn the Sachiko x Yumi fangirl inside me! DX

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