Events: Yuricon announces 2005 event in Tokyo!

October 4th, 2004

Yuricon, a celebration of Yuri in anime and manga, is bringing Yuri back home with the Yuri Revolution event in Tokyo Japan!

On April 12-17, 2005, Yuricon will be sponsoring mini-tours and shopping trips around Tokyo, followed by the first all-Yuri event to ever be held in Japan! Join us as we meet Japanese Yuri fans, and well-known Yuri artists in the Shinjuku Nichoume. Bring art to display in our exhibition space, all the Japanese you can manage to make new friends and your singing voice, as we karaoke the night away.

For more information on the Yuri Revolution event, or Yuricon, visit our web site at

Be sure to join us, if you can!

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