I Know You’re Jealous…

December 3rd, 2004

No review today, just some random yuri-ish comments and gloating. :-)

Firstly, loyal yuri fan Clarissa sent the Yuricon Mailing List this link to an interview of a Japanese fan of Maria-sama ga Miteru, in English. Not only is it fascinating in its own right, it has interesting links to many Marimite objet d’fandom.

The above interview also refers to a “realistic” manga series about student life at an all-girl school called Joshi Kousei, which, oddly, I just found last week at Book Off. I expect to be reviewing it some day soon. It looks, upon first glance to be terrifying and wacky. I’ve seen Joshi Kousei listed on more than a few Japanese site yuri manga lists, so it’ll be interesting to read, even thought the actual yuri content is low.

Also, when I get home, there are a few new items awaiting for me today, so look forward to some reviews in the future of:

Pure Marionation – a girl-meets-robot girl love story.

Sokyu no Megami – It looks space opera-y, y’know girls with weapons and/or mecha. It’ll probably be awful. :-)

Himitsu Anjerisu – I don’t even *know* what this was about, but it looked interesting and Yuri Kokoro gave it a reasonable rating, so…

Yuri Shimai 5 – Whee! More Strawberry Shake!

Carmilla – When Japanese lesbian magazine Anise stopped publishing, Carmilla filled the gap. I have one issue and its, erm…interesting. I thought that, since it’s been a few volumes, I’d see how it is now.

And the beginning of the next Marimite manga arc, the fourth novel, Rosa Canina. Let’s see how Shizuka fares in manga form, shall we?

So, that’ll keep me busy for a while, I guess. I’ll let you know how it goes! :-)

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