If it’s the weekend, it must be time for another advertisement!!

January 15th, 2005

And so it is.

It has been an utterly brutal week here at Yuri Central, as we fight, erm, chat pleasantly, with the printers, in hopes that the second edition of Rica ‘tte Kanji!?, by Rica Takashima will be available soon. The special pre-order sale of 20% off the cover price is in effect until February 1, so get your orders in today at the Yuricon Shop.

In our effort to offer high-quality yuri manga to all yuri fandom, we’ve also added more untranslated manga from Amazon Japan through the Shop’s manga page, including the manga I voted number one most yuri manga of 2004 – Free Soul, by Yamaji Ebine. None of Yamaji Ebine’s work is available in English translation at the moment, although some of her books have been translated into Chinese, French and, I believe, German. But really, her simple, unique art style make translation almost unecessary at times.

So, please do give the Shop a visit, place those orders for Rica, and get yourself some fine yuri manga!

And have a nice weekend. :-)

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