Events: Onna Announces Guests

February 1st, 2005

Onna! is pleased to announce the first ouf our confirmed guests!

Paige Braddock, creator of “Jane’s World”, is one of the few women to have a comic strip syndicated in major metropolitan daily newspaper, and the only artist with a gay/lesbian main character to ever do so. Paige and “Jane” will bring years of experience and success in the demanding business of syndicated comic strips to share with Onna! attendees.

Sin Comix is a New York-area circle of artists who publish both online
and print works. Their unabashedly mature comics, (which cover everything across the spectrum,: straight, yuri, yaoi, etc.,) experience in self-publishing, and great sense of humor make this group of women special.

Onna! also welcomes fan circle Lililicious, the shoujo and shoujoai-themed scanlating and fansubbing group.

For more on Onna! guests, check out the Events section at the Onna! website.


I’ll be out of state the next few days, so you’ll just have to amuse yourselves by reading some of my older entries. ;-)

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