Yuri Manga: Onegai Suzune-chan

March 22nd, 2005

Obscure Yuri Manga
Part 2

This time, blowing the dust off the cover was totally worth it. Onegai Suzune-chan is the kind of dire crap that I really enjoy.

Not to be confused with Onegai Teacher/Twins/Friends, and brought to you by Wani Comics, the same folks who also ran Ikkitousen, you can expect a ton of fanservice and sex, with a soupcon of plot thrown in for good measure.

Amagi Suzune is the 23rd Onmyouji of the Misora Shrine, the scion of a long line of court wizards, if you will. Her ardent, and often horny, girlfriend Karen and she make love just about every freaking place they can.

That’s the plot, so don’t expect much else.

Oh, there’s some demons and spirits and the like, and some of them have sex with Karen and/or Suzune too, but mostly this manga is a gigantic fanservice-y lesbo lovefest. I quite like it, if only because Suzune and Karen absolutely totally love each other to pieces. There’s no assumption that the lesbian sex is the appetizer for either of them – they are totally, 100% a couple.

There’s another lesbian in school, who is a bit over-the-top with her “I like to have sex with girls” attitude, but I’m probably just jealous that she’s so open and annoying at so young an age. She and her girlfriend, and (Karen and two straight female friends) are bewitched by a horny old shrine spirit into having a lesbian pileup, but Suzune beats the crap out of the spirit and everyone has a good laugh and moves on.

Even the inevitable hermaphrodite chapter is fun. A sakura tree/sex spirit that had been previously captured by Suzune makes a deal with Karen – she gets a male appendage for the evening, he gets to go home to his tree. It was a really sweet moment, even if it was utter filth. ^_^

As you can see, literature this ain’t. But for an utterly meritless trashy roll-in-the-hay manga, it’s brilliant. One more reason why trawling used manga stores is, indeed, worth the time and effort. ^_^


Art – 8
Story – Ha. Ha.
Characters – 8
Yuri – 10

Overall- 9

An excellent piece of crap. Yay!

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4 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    I don’t know about you, but if I was a magical tree-spirit trying to bargain with a teenage girl for my freedom, I think a penis rental service would be the very first thing on my list of offers. I mean, you make it sound like it’s implausible or something…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where did you find this at? I can’t find it anywhere.

  3. Found it in a used manga bookstore, where all crap goes to die.

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