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March 27th, 2005

Why didn’t any of you *tell* me that Dengeki Daioh had so much yuri-riffic manga!?! Sheesh…crappy fans you are. ;-)

Anyway – quick review today of Dengeki Daioh, the monthly magazine that has brought fans of shounen yuri about a bazillion series.

I have said over and over that Dengeki is our friend. We should all run out and demand an anime of Hayate Cross Blade. Geneon appears to be making just about every freakin’ other series in the book into an anime…

Here’s the March and April rundown of yuri-flavored in Dengeki Daioh:

Hayate Cross Blade

NiNin ga Shinobuden – yes, *that* Shinobuden. And March’s chapter had Shinobu dressing like a boy and sweet talking Kaede half into bed. Until Shinobu gets jealous of herself and reveals the act. lol

Sokyuu no Fanfir – this is based on a novel series which I have read reviews that state that there is yuri. I have no first-hand information myself.

Yostubato – You know this one, right? By the author of Azumanga Daioh, it has a questionably yuri older sister and “friend.”

Uta-Kata – and bizarrely, I came in on the chapter that was dealing with Episode 9’s budding yuri relationship between keiko and Satsuki. Good timing, huh?

Kashimashi Girl meets Girl – no, I haven’t reviewed this yet. Be patient.

There’s a load of other decent series, like Starship Operators and some that other people find decent and have been made into anime, that I don’t care for so will simply pretend don’t exist. lol

Anyway – if you have disposable income, like to read raw manga and want something worth your time, grab a copy of Dengeki Daioh.

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2 Responses

  1. punistation says:

    Ah, memories. It’s been so long since I’ve checked in on YOTSUBATO.

    Babydykes and school uniforms are all the rage right now, so it’s hard to remember two grannies like Asagi & Torako. ^_^

    (Quickly revisits issue #15. Watches Torako light up.)

    Oh yes, Torako is a goddess in blue jeans. ^_^

  2. G-phile says:

    Fafner is way more BL than GL.

    Oh, and S.O is based on a novel

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