Small Call Comiket Yuri Doujinshi Circle List

April 7th, 2005

One last entry before I leave for the Yuri Revolution tour – something to provide you with a few hours of fun while I’m in transit. LOL

There is a Japanese-language site called Small Call, that tracks all sorts of yuri-related news and info. The site has lists of yuri-related anime, manga, game, drama CD and novel sites. They also put together a list after every Comiket of the yuri-related circles that were present.

The last Comiket, in December 2004, was “Comike 67” – here is the list of yuri circles. Not all of the circles have websites, and some of those that do don’t really have good websites (i.e., no fun pictures. lol) but many of them do – and it’s nice to be able to see some of the major players in the yuri doujinshi field. Especially as these are the folks out there doing decent original yuri.

I highly recommend visiting these sites, taking a look at the art, reading the stories and sending encouraging letters to the creators. Remember – these folks are creating yuri out of love and getting little back for their pains. Knowing that they have an international audience would probably make their day!

I’m hoping to bring back some good yuri doujinshi for the Yuricon Shop, so keep your fingers crossed. :-)

So – while I’m traveling, keep busy with the Small Call Yuri Doujinshi circle list. Enjoy and I’ll see you in a few days!

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  1. touko_no_doriru says:

    Here are a few informations for those who need pointers of the list…


    # Alias name for Hayashiya Shizuru of ???�???? Hayate Cross Blade fame. Her doujinshi Don’t Let Me Down features Sei from Marimite.

    ?? Ryuusei

    # Alias name for Inoue Shinkai or Sakeko, who draw pops.2nd for Yuri Shimai.
    The doujinshi ZLAY BOMB TOUR features the lesbian rock band ZLAY, the spin-out characters from Hayashiya Shizuru’s Strawberry Shake.

    ??? Fujieda Masa

    # Famous Yuri doujin artist. His Marimite doujin game was a masterpiece.
    Known for Yuri Shimai’s manga ????????????? Torikago no Miko to Kimagure na Majo to (Priestess of Birdcage and Capricious Witch), Twinkle Saber NOVA, Alice Quartet Project, etc.

    ????? Gyakugire Keiji (???? Hakamada Mela)

    # The auther of the popular Yuri manga ????? Saigo no Seifuku (The Last School Uniform).

    VOLUTES (??? Kurogane Ken)

    # The auther of the popular ecchi Yuri manga ????? Shoujo Sect.


    # Famous for Marimite parody dojinshi.

    ????? Munarium (????? Matsubara Akira)

    # The auther of ?????????? Himitsu no Anjeris.

    ??????????Pokopen, Pokopen (???? Shinonome Moegi)

    # The auther of Yuri Tengoku manga ??????? Anata no Soba ni (Being around you)

    BOYS KINGDOM (??? Sakura Shio)

    # The illustrator of Yuri Shimai’s Yurimu Douwa (Marchen of Yurimm)

    ????? Tatsunoko Tarou

    # The auther of the online Yuri manga Prism.

    ?? Kaishaku

    # ?????? Kannazuki no miko fame.


  2. touko_no_doriru says:

    Ugh, seems it doesn’t support Japanese…

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