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April 11th, 2005

Well…all I can say is that Rica Tashima is evil. No rest for me, as I found out after the early morning stroll around Ikebukro.

We talked business for a few hours, then she had me come with her to pick a friend up at Shinjuku. Only…I thought I’d be gone for half an hour – I was gone for four. I didn’t have my bag, so no camera, so no pictures of any of the things I saw yesterday, including the bar in Suginami city with the random Gundam statues in the window.

I was supposed to meet someone last night, but I couldn’t do it. I had warned her that my second night and third day is when I crash from jet lag. She didn’t care. I begged off the metting and she took us out to a manjuyaki restaruant for really good food that I only tasted, because I was too tired to eat.

I was asleep by 9PM, and awoken at 7AM by an earthquake – or, more accurately, the wife waking me and pointing out that there was an earthquake. 6.1 at the origin, felt like 3 or so here. Mostly it felt like a boat rocking…a very strange feeling on the 16th floor of a hotel.

We all gathered together for breakfast at a local cafe and a stroll through the rain.

Donna, Serge, P, and Sparkle on “Romance Street”.

This little guy is gesturing for you to come into the restaurant.

We wandered among the closed pachinko parlors and soaplands and nudie bars, and now I have to pack the computer up – I’m off to the A|Z Cafe to meet the owner and do a sound/video check.

The rest of the folks will be wandering about for the day, while I do business. Lucky dogs.

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