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June 3rd, 2005

Today we’ll cover a bunch of news snippets, because there’s *alot* going on in the world of yuri!

The magazine formerly known as Yuri Shimai is back in a new incarnation, now known as Yuri Hime!

According the website, we can expect all of our favorite authors, art and stories. We cab also expect a manga report of Yuricon in Tokyo. I’m a little worried about that!. LOL


Rica ‘tte Kanji!? and Yuri Monogatari were both reviewed in the June issue of Curve and Girlfriends magazines. (Curve actually ran separate sidebars on both Yuricon and ALC Publishing.) The verdicts?

“…my new bedside table fave, Rica ‘tte Kanji!?…” – Diane Anderson Marshall, Curve

Yuri Monogatari 2 is a more titillating collection with some, let’s just say satisying, graphics…” “[Rica ‘tte Kanji!?] is a fun graphic novel about sexual awakening…” – Lauren Dockett, Girlfriends

Overall, very positive comments from a non-manga reading audience. :-)


Back on February 8th and May 17th and I reviewed a lovely little manga series called Aria. Alert reader Ladios pointed out that an anime of Aria was forthcoming and today I received an email pointing to this Anime News Network release that confirms it:

Animate.tv has confirmed that Kozue Amano’s manga series Aria is to be adapted into an anime. More details are expected to be announced the the August issue of Monthly Comic Blade (on sale June 30th). Mag Garden’s website states (in Japanese) the anime is to be released in July.

So there you go – an Aria anime is coming. Thank you alert readers!

PS – Don’t expect high levels of yuri, but look for Aika’s akogare/crush on Alicia – and see if Alicia and Akari look like lovers in this version, the way they do in the manga. lol

And to finsh off for the news items – if you haven’t been to the Yuricon website recently, you should stop by. We have a new essay up and new anime and manga titles up on the Yuricon Shop. And, until June 14th, get $10 off all orders of $30 of “I Love Yuri” gifts and apparel from Cafepress.
We’ve got new names on “The List” and a new issue of Saiyuu no Ryouko: The Continuing Adventures of Yuriko!

That’s it for today – send more news!

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