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June 4th, 2005

We’ve been making some changes and additions on the Yuricon website, so if you haven’t visited in a while, drop by now and take a look!

Right off the bat, we have a brand new Contest:The 2005 Yuriko Fanfic Contest will be running until August 1. Yuriko, our beloved mascot has done many things as a pop idol – tell us about her best, worst of funniest job and win some great prizes! Please read the submission rules before sending anything.

As always, there are new names on our ever-exapnding “The List” of anime and manga lesbians, lesbian wannabes and oughta-bes.

We’ve added more anime and manga to the Yuricon Shop and we’ve also switched to the Paypal system to make it more convenient for you to make purchases of ALC yuri manga, doujinshi and novels! Don’t forget to get a few I Love Yuri” gifts and t-shirts while you’re there, too.

And there’s a new essay up on our Essays page. The members of the Yuricon Mailing List voted on their absolute top must-read and must-see yuri anime and manga. We’ve collected those titles into a Yuri 101 primer for folks who want to know where to begin.

Last, but not at all least, check out our exciting Calendar of Events to find out where you can join Yuricon staff and friends for fun yuri-related panels, events, and more.

Make sure you write down October 8-10, 2005 on your calendar and don’t miss out on Onna! the yuriest con of 2005! Co-sponsored by Yuricon, Onna! will have plenty of yuri content, video programming, panels, guests and more, so Pre-register today and save! The price of admission goes up on June 19th, so get that registration is and make Onna! part of your 2005 events calendar!

And there’s more – new issues of Shoujoai ni Bouken: The Adventures of Yuriko (now available as an illustrated novel on the Shop), and of course, a great group of people to chat about yuri with on the Yuricon Mailing List – so visit the site, buy your goodies, then come to the list and let us know what your favorite yuri couples and series are!

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is Matsuri of Ichigo in the list? I would think that Nobue is more likely to be in it.

    The new Essay is great for the Newbies!!

  2. Matsuri was recommended, I can only assume, because of her obvious desire to be Nobue’s favorite, i.e., her crush.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah ok, thanks. It must be after the three first Volumes.

  4. Looked to me like it starts right from the beginning – Miu and Matsuri spend alot of time right off vying for Nobue’s attention – one of the very first chapters is why M and M don’t like each other – it basically comes down to they each want to be the one to hang with Nobue.

    You have to remember that “The List” is by fans. Not every name is “a lesbian”. Some are just the way fans see it or want it to be.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I remember that Chapter… but it always appears to me that it was mostly Miu Being a royal pain…
    I meant when Anna shows up Mui goes almost postal for Nobue’s attention…

    But maybe it can be seen has that, the Matsui/Nobue/Mui situation i mean…

    anyways is a really funny manga, i hope the anime will be even more fun.

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