Takarazuka: Elizabeth

July 8th, 2005

Yay! Imagine my happy-happiness to not only receive this awesome DVD from Japan about a week after I ordered it, but to find that it plays on my DVD player!

(Special Note: I’m getting alot of interest in this post, mostly because of YouTube. I purchased this DVD from the regular Japanese Takarazuka website through a buying service. It is not a cheap process – you will be paying for the DVD, the buyer’s commission, the shipping to buyer and the shipping to you. I don’t have a special source or website to offer you, I just threw money at the problem.)

And before I say anything else, I want you to know that the virgin watching of this DVD was done with my wife and parents – and Mom was drooling over Death’s clothes too, so it’s NOT just geeks, goths and lesbians. ^_^

You may remember back in April, just as the Yuri Revolution tour was getting underway, I, Serge, Donna and Bruce bailed to go see a Takarazuka show at their Tokyo Theater. If you do not remember, please feel free to read my original gushing report.

Clearly the plot, characters, cool clothes and Deathlings have not significantly changed since I saw this show three months ago, so the original review will stand unaltered.

I was very impressed by the DVD itself though. Not only did it unexpectedly work on my R1 DVD player (I knew it would work on my computer, of course, but this was an added bonus) but it was exceptionally high quality, with a nice little “Program” inside that included cast, crew, synopsis, scenes, songs, and history. All in Japanese of course, but that is hardly an obstacle to fangirly-dom. Even more important was the picture card of Nao looking hunky as Der Tod. Yum. It now lives on my desk at work. ^_^

Every scene/song comes with a title on the screen, so you know what song you’re listening to. I was amazed that I could read about 80% of the song titles. I guess they keep those pretty simple.

The number one win in my book was that the tango between Nao Ayaki and Jun Sena at the very end of the revue portion of the show, was just as sexy as I remember it being. I know this is really fanservice Yuri and not really even that, because we’re supposed to see Death as a guy, but you know – Nao is gorgeous and doesn’t look remotely like a guy, so to my Yuri-goggles-on-low eyes, what you have is two women dancing. And I like it a lot. ^_^

I still want one of those Hapsburg shield mirror things from the finale, too. ^_^

Cinematography – 6 (like all stage shows we have too many close ups and often lose what’s actually going on on the stage)
Music – 7 (sticky Broadway theme stuff)
Story – 10 (If this doesn’t make you love history, NOTHING can)
Characters – 9 (With the exception of Rudolph who is a total pussy)
Yuri – 9

Overall – 8, objectively, but for me and those of my androgynous-women-in-uniform-loving ilk, 10, really.

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9 Responses

  1. Liz says:

    Where can I buy a DVD of this musical because I’ve been DYING for it … and seriously … with everyday that passes and I can’t find it … I die a little more inside! HELP ME PLEASE!!

  2. I just added a note, to the effect above, but I got it from the Japanese Takarazuka site, through a buyer. Before you go bouncing up and down, the DVD *by itself* without shipping or anything was $100. This is not a cheap hobby…

  3. Sand says:

    I was wondering if the Takarzuka DVD’s would be available in a Dealer’s room at any cons. I’ve looked online, but find myself rather daunted at the aspect of buying a Dvd through a dealer online(even the Takarazuka’s official website!) Or through ebay. Somehow, I doubt greatly that something like this would be available, or that it’d be any cheaper than purchasing online, but I’d hope it’d be easier. If you know anything please contact me at:


    Thanks in advance!


  4. I can’t see any way that a dealer could make it work, other than by taking special orders.

    The DVDs themselves run between 80-100 US dollars, not including shipping. If a Dealer was to invest in even 10 DVDs – and who knows how likely they would be to sell – it would call for more and $1000 in investment.

    You *can’t* buy directly from the Takarazuka website, unless you live in Japan, since they don’t ship overseas. And eBay is mostly bootlegs, which I strongly suggest you do not purchase.

    As I suggested, go through a buying service. That’s the easiest way to do it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Omigosh, thank goodness someone else gushes over Ayaki Nao as much as I do! I’ve converted half my friends, and I’ve convinced a friend who is currently in Japan to check out a Hankyu store to buy goodies for me. Isn’t it absolutely magnificent?

    And although Takarazuka isn’t a cheap hobby isn’t it absolutely worth it for the otokoyaku alone? (Not a big fan of musumeyaku). And Jun Sena as Elisabeth was absolutely divine. Granted she’s an otokoyaku an all, but still~!

    I’m waiting to see if the 2007 Elisabeth is really worth it, but oh Der Todd was looking so wonderful!

  6. Good Mornig!
    My name is Marcia. I’m from Brazil.
    Sorry, but I don’t write in english,only spanish, ok?

    Me gustaria saber como podria tener el video del espetaculo takarazuka – Elisabeth con Ayaki Nao.

  7. Kelly says:

    The DVDs themselves run between 80-100 US dollars, not including shipping. If a Dealer was to invest in even 10 DVDs – and who knows how likely they would be to sell – it would call for more and $1000 in investment.

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