Yuri Anime: Kore ha Watashi no Goshujin-sama – This Is My Master

July 14th, 2005

I’m not feeling very vitriolic today, but I guess I’ll review this anime anyway.

Kore ha watashi no goshujin-sama, aka This is My Master or He is My Master, is…. Honestly? It’s a miserable piece of filth.

I have been told by several guys that the manga is *much* cuter and funnier. However, when I glanced at the manga, I saw very little that I personally find anything like funny. I will freely admit that I loathe and despise broad physical comedy that relies primarily on sexual harrassment and peeping as vehicles for humor. And little girl faces on absurdly developed bodies is repugnant.

Two sisters find themselves dependent on a rich kid for a job. Rich kid is a clothing fetishist and makes them wear “sexy” outfits. Wackiness and tons and tons and TONS of general pervy peeping ensues.

The title is pretty accurate though, when read with sarcasm, “*This* is my master”? And I genuinely believe that that is what the mangaka was going for.

Yes, there is yuri. It is one-sided and will go nowhere and is essentially no more than a girl doing the same exact kind of pervy drooling and peeping that the boy is doing, except of course she can get closer during in the bath. She becomes a maid in the household to be close to the object of her affection. If this is the kind of thing you want to see, she is blatantly, obviously openly desirous of the main character whose name I’m not even willing to look up. That’s how good this story is. Izumi, maybe?

Let me slip out of my exhausted and bored distaste into a brief moment of extreme vitriolic hatred. The alligator sexually harrassing the main character is quite possibly the single most disgusting plot complication I have ever encountered anywhere – surpassing even the entire grotesquery of Shusaku Reply, which was a sewer of an anime. I feel a special violence towards anyone who might conceivably find the whole thing amusing or, heaven forfend, sexy.

Art – 6
Story – 2
Characters – 3
Yuri – 8

Overall – 3

To be blunt – if you find this anime “cute” or “funny”, you are probably a “loser.”

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2 Responses

  1. Allanea says:

    I happen to find this anime both cool and funny. Yeah, Izumi gets assaulted [and possibly molested] by Pocchi.

    But come on. We’ve seen worse.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s a kind of pervert point of view, but you had forgotten the feelings of lonleniness about Yoshitaka (yes, he can be a pervert, (ironicaly lolicon why? he’s 14 :O) uniform fetichist, a selfish person with a lot of money … but he’s alone, in his interim no friends, no games, nothing more a big property (the girls give him a salvation, he can be rude or crude, but he can create beautiful things (It’s like Onizuka, he can be a pervert, but don’t hide it, he’s frank), think on the wedding clothes (the metaphor it’s clear, a safe (true feelings) and the clothes)… He pretends be a selfish dictator, prisoner of his weaknesses but he search the company of people his own age, a boy who is repressed, tends to be pervert, he change a lot, you can view it (but it’s true that he’s so proud he can’t show his true feelings and show he’s weak (Izumi acts the same she can’t give up to Yoshitaka)=(It’s a japaness philosophy), Izumi is good for control him, and beat hit too XD) Anna-chan ‘love’ its a missunderstanding, but its common on this age (and it’s one more fanservice element), not one-sided, Izumi doesn’t say not, and doesn’t avoid her. You say the way Anna acted the same like Yoshitaka (there’s a genre about pervertions :O?)
    The two sisters need a house, a job. Mitsuki is very very clever, a big property for a big (to big) pet :D And a group of happy circumstances to give her lives something. There are many cliches, but think about, it’s fanservice for male clients (some female too, I think).
    I think this manga and anime catch the true otaku point of view, no more no less. If you search for Yuri impressions read “Free Soul”, one of the best Yuri I never read, don’t shojo-Yuri, It sucks. I hate expresions like ‘onesama’, give the character a dominated one role.
    If you look for diversion, pic at Kore ga watashi gosyujin-sama or similar ones (really, I only hate the omnipresent possesion/domination feelings, rape scenes (but japaness culture put it everywhere, sigh!), I thing it’s illness)

    Sorry for the long text and Greetings.

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