Events: Onna! announces new guest!

July 16th, 2005

Today is a scoop! I’m announcing this before the official press release can go out, because I can. :-)

Onna!, a three-day festival of women’s roles in animation and comics, is proud to welcome Tania Del Rio as a Guest Speaker and Artist!

Tania is the new artist for the classic American girls’ comic, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. She’s been hired to bring a shoujo manga look to this American standard.

Tania will be joining Paige Braddock of Jane’s World, the only lesbian comic to be syndicated in major metropolitan newspapers, and Sin Comix, a fabulous group of women who are drawing just about everything under the sun, as guests at Onna!

I really hope you’ll join us at Onna!. We’ll have very yuri-strong video and panel programming, plus yaoi, shoujo, josei and even, yes, shounen, because this is all about strong women in roles behind and in front of the screen.

Pre-registration for Onna! is still open, and available online or by mail. Vist the Onna website to register, and to participate in any of our many contests and games! We’ll see you there!

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