Yuri Manga: Transistor ni Venus, Volume 1

July 19th, 2005

I have two gentlemen to thank for this review – Touko_no_doriru-san, for opening my eyes to this series in general and Mr. Brent Adkins, who has very genourously donated this particular volume to the cause. (The cause being, of course, my enjoyment of yuri. lol) Thank you, kind sirs!

So, in Volume 1 of Transistor ni Venus, we are introduced to April Enus, expert in espionage, theft, derring-do and cosplay. Apparently in the year 2269, these are all crucial skills. :-) Intrigue, adventure and sleeping with pretty girls is raison d’etre for the lovely Enus, so of course I approve.

The first volume also introduces us to Mariaana, Enus’ sometimes partner in work and frequent partner in bed. I had no *idea* Mariaana was another agent! In the next several volumes she goes soft. She’s way cooler as a tough agent who manages to resist Enus’ charms for several whole chapters.

Oh, and there’s a story where Enus has to be a maid to do something or other…I kind of lost the thread of the story while watching her seduce the other maids. :-)

Art – 6
Story – 7
Characters – 8
Yuri – 9

Overall – 8

Not as wonderful as Volume 2, or as funny as Volume 3, Volume 1 of Transistor ni Venus is a charming exploration of several random fetishes. There’s sure to be one you find appealing. :-)

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