Events: Yuricon at Otakon!

August 18th, 2005

Hello Baltimore! I’m typing from my hotel room across from the Baltimore Conventionj Center where, for the next three days 25,000 people will be wandering around in pursuit of anime- and manga- related activities and stuff.

Yuricon/ALC Publishing has a table in the Otakon Dealer’s Room, table #408, next to Nekocon and behind Anime Pavilion. We’re offering great deals on 100% yuri from ALC Publishing, and you can even get your copy of Shoujoai no Bouken: The Adventures of Yuriko autographed by the author and the illustrator!

Onna! is also offering a deal to all Otakon-goers. Our three-day festival of women’s roles in animation and comics is offering a $15 discount off the full three-day registration – that’s only $35 for three days of Onna!!

And don’t forget to join us on Friday, August 19th at 11:30 PM in Panel Room 1 for Otakon’s first-EVER yuri panel. How cool is that? :-)

So I’ll expect to see you all sometime this weekend, right? :-)

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  1. itanshi says:

    i ran a Yuri panel at acen….haah no comment, but i’d love to take some time with someone willing and able to assist me (teach?) in doing a better and a more appropriate task of it for next year.

  2. Hi there –

    I’d love to assist. A good thing to start with would be the “What is Yuri” essay on the Yuricon website:

    That’ll give you anice overview of the history of the word.

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