And that was just Day 1….

August 20th, 2005

Well, so far, Otakon has been great. Along with running the Yuricon/ALC/Onna! table in the Dealer’s Room, I and my beloved team of fighters for justice are on Spec. Ops, and the Yuri Panel rocked.

Our day began early with a meeting at breakfast, then a quick orientation at the DR before it opened. When the people started coming in, the just never stopped. It was *dizzying*. Today is going to be so…yeah. Fun, cool, surreal…

The Yuri Panel didn’t start 11:30, so I had to be all caffeinated to be coherent, so my reward was two hours sleep. But we had, at the max point, almost 200 people at the panel. Seriously. It was fun, everyone enjoyed the “screensaver o’yuri” and I hope I’ll get lots of visits tomorrow at the table.

Time for breakfast – I’ll be more coherent later!

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