Yuri Manga: [es] ~ Eternal Sisters, Volume 2

September 1st, 2005

Anyone notice the advertisement in the Google Ad block on the right of Okazu this week? “Kissing Techniques” – assumably because of the post on Transistor ni Venus :-) You gotta read the site – it’s a *scream*. And I’m not just saying that to make you click the ad – it’s really, unintentionally, funny in its sexism.

So, here’s a little known fact about [es]. It was bought by Ichijinsha, the same folks that bring you Yuri Hime. I assume it was an independent yuri anthology before that.

I wasn’t blown away by the first volume of [es], but I didn’t hate it. This, the second volume, is pretty much more of the same, but slightly blander.

I’m sitting here going over the stories and there’s barely anything to hang on to. Some marginal confessions, a little embracing, lots of the usual high school tropes and fetishes. Sweet, cute, etc, etc.

There is one interesting point – the story “Pops” which ran for two parts in Yuri Shimai is continued here as “Someday the Sun Shines”.

But otherwise, like the first collection, this volume of [es] is the same harmless, sweet, stereotypical stories over and over. There’s the clingy younger girl, or the admired/desired older girl, the sick best friend, the slacker best friend, the genki best friend, the bathing suits and uniforms and lunchtimes and gym clothes. Nothing we haven’t seen a thousand times by now.

Perfect for moe-Yuri fanboys and those who hate the thought of adult women in love. Also not a bad birthday present for your favorite babydyke otaku-in-training. ^_^

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