Yuri Manga: Sneak Peek – Yuri Monogatari 3

September 2nd, 2005

Because this is a long weekend, and I’m not going to be able to post until next week, I thought I’d leave you with a little teaser. ^_^

ALC Publishing is hard at work on our next 100% Yuri manga anthology, Yuri Monogatari 3 – and I think it is absolutely amazing! These are some of the best Yuri stories and art by some of the best Yuri artists in the world and I can’t wait for you to see them all. There’s alot to be proud of in this volume and I just *had* to share some of what you can look forward to.

Our first story is by a young lady named Hiromi Nishizaka. Hiromi is the winner of the Waki Yamato prize in the Manga Koshien contest for young manga artists. Her story, “Hydrangea” is her premiere as a Yuri artist.

“It Takes All Kinds” is a wacky look at long-term relationships and the life of a sexy space pirate, by Beth Malone. Beth has contributed to all three Yuri Monogatari volumes, but this is the first time she’s included a tentacle monster. ^_^

Sergio Aviles has provided a funny, eclectic and creative look at life on the run. How often are you ever going to be able to read a romantic yuri story told, in part, in imabic pentameter?

Rica Takashima was so busy running Yuricon 2005 in Tokyo, that she couldn’t find time to give us a new story, but she did send us a darling picture of Yuricon mascot Yuriko and her author girlfriend Midori.

Another exciting addition to this volume is an English-language version of the Yuricon 2005 in Tokyo report drawn (and written) by Akiko Morishima. Morishima-san is a well-known manga artist in Japan, who works on shoujo manga by day, and draws for yuri doujinshi circle Girlish in her spare time. And yes, you read that right – Morishima-san wrote the English for her story, as well. It’s a damn sight better than my Japanese, I can tell you. ^_^

Another three-time contributor to the Yuri Monogatari series, Kristina K., offers us a dream-like look at love across cultures (and an impression of tourism that we can all identify with!).

Finishing up our book is another veteran of the series, Althea Keaton, with a poignant, emotional and brilliant take on girl gangs and tenderness.

And, of course, there’s the usual great cover and incidental art by Yuricon Staff Artist, Kelli Nicely. ^_^

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