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September 9th, 2005

Hi everyone – life is blowing up at the moment. I’m not so self-absorbed that I think that you all care what’s going on. :-)

I will say this – there are so many exciting things happening at Onna!, that it will definitely be *the* place to be this October. We’ve got new guests joining us daily – they are emailing us and *asking* if they can come! These women work in comics, in gaming design, and film. It’s not an all-star cast – but these are the women who make it all happen. Pre-registration is going to stay open until just about a week or so before, but don’t wait until the last second to join us for this fantastic 3-day festival of women’s roles in animation and comics!

So, instead of a yuri review, I’ve decided to empty my phone and digital cameras and share the pictures with you – I think it’ll be fun. Here goes:

This is a picture of Alice Wu from the NYC premier of Saving Face. I reviewed that back in in May.

This is a scene you probably don’t see too often. This is the day before Otakon in the Dealer’s room.

It’s so empty and bright and full of bland, brown boxes. (And a huge multicolored bus…I’m not sure if you can see that in this picture. It’s in the next one, but kind of far away)

Isn’t it kind of cool and weird? In less than 24 hours after I took this picture, this room was filled with people, and noise and colorful, weird *stuff.* Like the psychedelic bus, which you can just make out.

This is a random picture I took before the Yuri panel at Otakon of one half the room.

And here’s the other half. Shifty-looking folks, aren’t they? But in reality, I think this was a very decent audience. The questions are always impossible to answer – but no weirdos who monopolized the Q&A, or hostility, or extreme stupidity. Mostly just folks who were really interested in yuri.

This is Sean Gaffney, yuri panelist extraordinaire. And he owes me a review, but since we’re working him weary for Onna!, I’ll cut him some slack. This picture was taken as he pontificated over dinner after Otakon.

Imagine these shelves with three-foot high piles of manga and anime, filled with DVDs and manga shoved into every corner, overflowing from every nook.. That was the situation.

You felt this coming, right? Here they are! My new shelves. (lovelovelove) Aren’t they wonderful? LOL

That’s it for today. If things don’t become more complicated than they already are, I’ll update this weekend with a real review. :-)

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  1. punistation says:

    I see Yumi! I see Sachi! I see the Noir twins! I see… is that Shizuru all the way to the left?

  2. Libby says:

    Yay! I’m SOOO excited about Onna!!!

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