Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CD 6, Valentine’s Gift

October 6th, 2005

Surprised to see me posting so close to Onna!? Me too. ;-)

This is short post in any case. The Drama CD for Maria-sama ga Miteru, Valentinusu no Okurimono, (Valentine’s Gift), was, as always, another delightful interlude with the talented ladies that comprise the Marimite team. The story is almost exactly like the novel, at least so much so that I can’t think of any significant alterations.

One of the exceptionally fun things about the Drama CD is that we get to hear the sections of the novel that were cut from the anime. Specifically, the bit where Yoshino and Eriko angst amusingly about the cake Rei gives them for Valentine’s Day. Yoshino’s voice actress, Ikezawa Haruna has a chance to stretch her range a little. I quite enjoyed her melodic musings.

Also, to my great joy, we get to hear Shinohara Emi narrate “The Greatest Day of Rosa Chinensis’ Life.” I cannot stress how fun this story is. Totally worth the price for both CDs. Just for the “psychedelic” music as Youko’s meds kick in, really.

Anyway, another excellent entry in the series, and a chance for use to get a few more moments with a team of exceptional seiyuu bringing together exceptional characters by an exceptional writer.


9 all the way around.

BTW, all the pictures for these posts are now linked to the Amazon JP entry for the item. So if you read a post and wish you too can enjoy Yumi stressing over Valentine’s chocolates for Sachiko…well, now you can! ^_^

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