Events: What a weekend at Onna!

October 11th, 2005

To quote Paulette Hodge, the co-chair of Onna!, “That was the best con I’ve ever attended and didn’t see anything.”

Seriously. Onna! was, without doubt the most amazing con, full of energy and fun and great things to do and see and buy, and people to meet, and little miracles that just kept happening, that I am still processing it all.

The best thing about Onna!, to me, was how magnificent my staff was. Every department ran smoothly because the folks who ran our committees and the people who helped them gave 149%, and then a little more, because that’s the kind of folks they are.

Sunday night at 3AM when I was wrapping up the video rooms, there were small crowds of kids still hanging about, talking and asking if we were doing it again next year. :-) And this time, the idea didn’t make me nauseous. Mostly because of Paulette, who was great about letting me get some sleep. (I returned the favor the next day.)

Our guests were all gracious, charming and alot of fun, so my thanks to Paige Braddock, Euralis Weekes and Tania Del Rio. They can totally consider themselves invited to anything I ever do again.

Also, big hugs to Tran and her sister from Drama Queen, who rock my world. Thanks for everything.

The new manga talent contest “Be Discovered” uncovered some exceptional artists indeed! Expect to see at least some of our finalists publishing some great work…and soon. :-)

Two miracles occurred in the form of invited masters. The martial arts demo group – the NY Budo Kai – showed up, totally controlled their demo, wowed their audience cleaned up and then wandered around taking in the con. Zero maintenance needed. Deb – your group was amazing. Please come again!!

And the second little miracle came in the form of Anna Nakada, an Ikebana master who was the most *amazing* (by which I mean breathtaking, adorable, talented and elegant artist I’ve met in years). She positively captivated the audience and when I walked in on the end of her workshop I simply went breathless. Her ikebana was indescribably gorgeous. In any future Onna! I run, she will get a bigger room and and longer workshop, and I will literally herd people into it to get a taste of something refined and spontaneous in a way we almost never get to experience. I can only say this – if you did not see Anna’s ikebana creations, your life is poorer for it. I mean that. I feel quite uplifted and enriched having simply *seen* them.


Back to the topic – Onna! was a great success, nearly everyone had a fantastic time (except for those people who come to cons full of dissatisfaction and loathing and whose only joy is to ruin things for other people.)

Lastly, let me thanks all the many, many Lililicious folks who came, helped, partied and basically had the good time I wished I was having. LOL

Bottom line, we hope we’ll be able to do it again. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on the website.

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  1. AndersH says:

    I’m home! Glorious Stockholm, how I’ve missed it.
    More importantly, Onna! was great. I had so much fun, and enjoyed the panels, and the people, and the organizers (who don’t count as people, for some reason). Just a great event. So, how ’bout next year? :D

  2. Glad to hear you got home safely!

    Maybe not next year, but 2007 is a definite possibility.

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