Yuri Manga: Transistor ni Venus, Volume 6

October 21st, 2005

Feeling down? A little depressed? Transistor ni Venus is just the ticket. This yuri spy series is so exceptionally goofy that it’d take more than a blue mood to hold out against Enus and her adventures. As always, my deepest thanks to Touko_no_doriru-san for insipring me to read this series!

Volume 6 is a paean to love.

On a planet that looks like a Mediterranean resort, Enus and Eriari encounter a Romeo and Juliet kind of situation. Po, a young aristocrat, and Kurani, are in love. But Kurani’s family and Po’s are not about to let them be happy together, for reasons that are no doubt idiotic. Po’s brother is engaged to Kurani, but she and Po (who is male, btw…straight couples are rare enough in this series that it’s noteworthy) are really, really in love.

Of *course* they end up together, duh. No one suffers in Transistor ni Venus. And they look quite tropical and exotic in their wedding gear. Even young spy in training Eriari finds himself a cute girl. Enus is saddened that she doesn’t have a nice girl, or guy in a pinch, to marry. Shiku, shiku.

The second half of the volume is taken up with a search for cannisters containing something or other of crucial importance. For this job, Enus is teamed up with Professor “Call me Iselin” Suiminkova. Iselin spends every second she is not busy communicating telepathically with her trained dolphins to seduce Enus…or, really, to begin seducing her, the blaming Enus for making her do weird things. Thankfully, Enus and Iselin are captured by the Lizard guys and their pet human Samaja. Samaja and Iselin immediately forget Enus even exists, freeing her to free them all and recover the cannister and get herself the hell out of there.

Enus goes running off to find Mariaana, her usual fallback lover and takes her immediately to bed. She says to Mariaana that she’s glad that they are friends, and Miariaana goes all pouty. Just friends? Lovers, Enus assures her. Just lovers? Enus asks what she’s getting at and Mariaana wonders if Enus would marry her. Hooray! Enus is glad to agree and is ready to take off to do the deed this second, when Mariaana starts coming up with delays. Oh well – at least Enus got Mariaana in bed, and that’s good enough for now.

The outcome? Enus and Mariaana are more of a couple than before, and Enus really, really comes to dislike dolphins.

Art – 8
Story – 8
Characters – 8
Yuri – 9

Overall – 8

Now, if this series, and Hayate Cross Blade ever become anime, *then* I’ll be a happy Erica.

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