Events: Onna and Yuri Report on Sequential Tart…and more!

November 19th, 2005

Check out Revolutionary Girl is Watching Over You by Margaret McConnell on Sequential Tart for an interesting view of Onna!, Yuricon and Shoujocon’s joint venture celebrating women’s roles in animation and comics (and to a lesser degree, gaming). Despite the article’s subtitle, she actually talks about yuri as much, if not more than yaoi, and the three pictures for the article are all yuri. :-)

Other Onna! coverage can be found at:

Newark Star Ledger Friday, October 8

Newark Star Ledger Sunday, October 10

Publisher’s Weekly Comic Week

And this amusing comment from

A reader wrote recently to let me know about a conference in Newark, NJ this weekend called Onna!, which she described as “a collaboration between a girls in anime/manga convention, and a lesbians in anime/manga event. They’ve created Onna! to expand to female representation in Western comics/animation as well. Pretty much if you’re a fan of any of these things it’s THE place to be. It’s like an event that has a pink ribbon in one hand, and a Hello Kitty vibrator in the other.” Now there’s a logo I’d like to see!

The funny thing is that our gift to guests and staff for Yuricon 2003 was…you guessed it, the Hello Kitty Vibrating “Massage Wand.” So there, AfterEllen, you think you’re so clever… ;p

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  1. Ladioss says:

    The funny thing is that I found this Sequential Tart article earlier this day while googling for more info about the third season of Marimite. Didn’t see it was THAT recent ^_^

    Anyway, an interesting read, to see it on such a mainstream website surprised me.

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