Things I’m thankful for

November 24th, 2005

It’s trite, but it *is* appropriate for Americans to take a moment today to reflect on things that we’re thankful for, so here we go:

1) I’m thankful for the picture above, drawn by Kelli Nicely. One more addition to her Chibi-Erica shrine. It’s an accurate representation of my feelings on Saturday at Onna!. :-)

2) The folks who provide support, physical and emotional, for Yuricon and ALC endeavors, my staff and dear friends. Thank you to all the folks who have ever leant a hand, a foot or other body parts (including the money from your pocket) to get us to where were are today. Thank you Rica Takashima, Kelli, Serge, Donna, Paulette, May, Stacy, Sean, Bruce, Zyl, Janice and Gideon, Editor Ed, Katie and bunches and bunches of other people who I love and adore and simply can’t list.

3) The folks at the Fanfic Revolution for their friendship and mad editing skillz. And all the folks who read my stories on “Worldshaking” Fanfic and let me know.

4) I especially want to thank all the folks who read Okazu and comment, positively or negatively. The positive ones make me feel good, the negative one gives me a laugh or two. So, thanks.

5) All the members of Yuricon and the Yuricon Mailing List who have participated in coversations, bought yuri manga from ALC, stopped by our many tables at many shows and hung out, come to panels, etc, and generally make Yuricon the largest (and best) yuri community in the world.

6) The lovely ladies and gentlemen of Lililicious and #otenba, who are funny and fun, and scanlate yuri manga for yuri fandom at large.

7) The folks at Ichijinsha for backing Yuri Hime and other yuri manga endeavors with an actual eye to increasing the popularity of the genre.

8) Duh…my family. In fact, as I’m sitting here typing, my mother is nattering on about I have no idea what, telling me that she’ll let me finish writing before she bothers me about something else. LOL I love my family.

9) Last on this list, but always first in my thoughts, my beloved wife.

There’s so much this year to be thankful for that a real list would be absurd, so this is a short list. ;-) To all my American readers, a Happy Thanksgiving Day today…to everyone else around the world, have a lovely day full of things to be thankful for.

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  1. punistation says:

    Now all we need is a translated version of that 4-part manga you starred in (the con you attended in Japan), and we’ll finally have a happy ending.

    (Featuring such memorable scenes as when a confused Erica notices a Question Mark floating over her head. Annoying little buggers always appear when you least expect them!)

    Kisses XXOOXX

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