Yuri Manga: Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl, Volume 2

December 21st, 2005

You’ll excuse me for being confused by what is really a simple storyline. When I first discovered Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl, I started at the end, then read the beginning and totally missed all the middle bits. Now I’m caught up and it all makes more sense.

Hazumu was a girly boy until an accident in which a alien space ship crashed into him ended up with him turning into a girly girl. Then the girl he liked fell in love with her, and the girl he didn’t know he liked, and who didn’t realize she liked him, realizes that she loves her.

So we have your basic love triangle in which both girls – ultra-femme Yasuna and boyish Tomari – vie for the attention and affection of now-female Hazumu. Really, quite simple.

Volume 2 of the manga establishes the backstory between Hazumu and Tomari, which I was totally missing. Now I can declare Tomari’s interest legit, where before I thought it a mere annoying plot complication.

The rest of the volume is taken up with the three of them having very romantic days during summer vacation, at the beach, at the usual summer festival, etc., while Tomari and Yasuna develop a kind of détente. A date between Yasuna and Hazumu gets a little intense, as they spend a day alone and Yasuna marks her territory again with a kiss, but Hazumu responds by running off to reaffirm her need for Tomari, too.

Will anything be resolved between them? *Can* anything be resolved between them? To be honest I doubt it. But no one is really unlikeable here, so we’ll just watch them revolve around one another in an unending gavotte until the center ceases to hold and things fall apart.


Art – 8
Character – 8
Story – 7
Yuri – 8
Service – 5

The story is not going to get better I fear (for good reason – the most recent chapter in Dengeki Daioh was mind-numbingly trite) but I’ll tag along until it gets unbearable or Hazumu turns back into a guy, whichever comes first.

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