Yuricon News: Drama CD section on the Yuricon Shop!

January 24th, 2006

If you’re a regular reader of Okazu, you know how much I love Drama CDs. Well apparently I’m not alone in this. :-) I was asked to add a section devoted to Drama CDs on the Yuricon Shop. And so I have. Right now there are two sections:

Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CDs (including links for the special box sets w/figurines)

The Other section has the upcoming Hatsukoi Shimai CD from Yuri Hime, the two Koi Shimai CDs from Yuri Shimai, and the Kannazuki no Miko Drama CD. Hayate x Blade to be added as soon as the link is available – and more to come in the future.

These Drama CDs are all available through Amazon Japan – and they are in Japanese. Even if you don’t understand every word, these are great practice tools for those of us trying to learn the language – and in some cases, even a beginner can follow a story pretty well, especially when it’s similar to an anime or manga.

In any case – for those of you who like such things – enjoy!

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