Yuri Manga: Broken Angels, Volume 1

February 2nd, 2006

Today’s review is once again by Sean Gaffney, because I am utterly exhausted and seem to be coming down with a cold. Sean is my hero.

Just got a new manga from Tokyopop, Broken Angels, by Setsuri Tsuzuki. The basic premise is that a girl at the local high school has incredible power to control water, and uses it when solving the problem of those around her, or defending herself against threats. She’s intriguing, and insists on dressing in the male uniform, but has all the sexuality of a throw rug.

However, then there’s the Class President. She has the best grades in class, is gorgeous… and is completely insane. After dedicating herself to the heroine after the first chapter, she proceeds to try to lure her to bathhouses, and dresses in the school nurse’s French Maid outfit (?!) to feed her lunch. I will admit she’s not 100% lesbian; when a guy accidentally gropes her breast, she responds by groping his crotch. She also declares herself a fan of group sex. She is a huge freakey freak, and I haven’t immediately loved someone as much as I do her in quite a while.

There’s a little more yuri in the book later, as an underclassman gets a crush on the heroine and demands they exchange class pins.

This isn’t the focus of the book, of course. The focus is our heroine, her amazing powers, her mysterious past, and hiding this from the rest of the world. The yuri is used as a comedy spice. That being said, it achieves an excellent balance by doing so, and I found the first volume read very fast. There are apparently five volumes of this series (Kowarehajimeta Tenshi Tachi in Japan), so I definitely look forward to more.

Recommended. And yes, there’s nudity, so throw in a highish service rating as well. :)


Once again, thank you Sean! This sounds like a lot of fun and I’ll be sure to look for it.

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  1. punistation says:

    “nudity, so throw in a LFB rating”

    Nudity does not a LFB make.

    (Likes rudey-nudey)


    Kisses XXOOXX

  2. doink-chan says:

    I’ve never heard of this series before, but the cover is one of the most beautiful covers that I’ve ever seen on a TokyoPop release, and the plot sounds interesting. Perhaps I should check it out…

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