Drama CD: Hayate x Blade Mini CD

February 24th, 2006

Would you like to hear a story about how utterly LFG I am? LOL

In the February issue of Dengeki Daioh, the Hayate x Blade chapter was a gag about the upcoming Drama CD.

In that issue, Amachi Hitsugi, the chairman of the school, president of the student council and all-around perfect rich girl, decided to write the script for a Drama CD. Hitusgi forces her shinyuu/partner to comandeer various characters to record the CD. Mayhem breaks out, as is typical for a HxB chapter. :-)

The March issue of Dengeki Daioh includes a mini Drama CD for HCB, which is meant to be the “mayhem breaks out” part of the previous comic that’s taking place inside the recording studio.

I picked up this month’s issue with what I am sure was an otaku creepy “ohmigodohmigod!” face on, even if the woman at Sanseido smiled at me and pretended not to notice.  ^_^’

As *soon* as we got in the car I slammed that baby into the CD player! The mini CD is 13 minutes or so long and it’s brilliant! Of course.

I won’t go on and on about how perfect the seiyuu are, or how funny the script was – except for this moment. When Hayate forces Ayana to read the title of the drama. “Hayate and Ayana’s sexy weekend” in English, I almost died laughing.

Oh, and this moment – when Momoka calls to Isuzu to say that they should leave (Momoka calls Isuzu “Wanko”) – “Come on Wanko.” Isuzu responds, “Wherever, forever.”

And I won’t go on about the BGM, which was hysterical in the extreme – and gets all romantic violins when Hitsugi is telling Shizuku that she wants to take her to a nice, romantic restaurant, just the two of them…

No. I won’t talk about any of those things. Or about the scene when Jun and Hayate are crawling on top of each other to try and find out which one of them Ayana wants more as a lover.

And I absolutely won’t rant about how the music changes and before she even spoke I KNEW Yukari had come “on screen”. Or how Ayana became a blushy, stuttering freak. LOL

All I’m gonna say is – there’s no doubt at ALL, that any real or implied Yuri in Hayate Cross Blade is amplified here to its fullest.


Story – 8
Characters – 9
Music – 8
Yuri – 7
Loser FanGirl – 9

Overall – 8

I cannot WAIT for the Drama CD next month! Ohmigod ohmigod! ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It occurs to me… do drama CDs EVER get subbed, legitimate or otherwise? It wouldn’t be hard to do digitally (worse case is a small video window with subtitles on a blank screen as the audio plays), and I think I saw an Evangelion one a while ago… *sigh* oh well.

  2. I can recall several examples of Drama CDs being translated by fans informally, but nothing official.

    What fans do for other fans, and what is possible through legitimate channels are really nothing like each other. It’s easy for a fan group to slap up a translation – they don’t need to deal with licensing, or paying translators, producers, production people, distributors, artists, seiyuu, etc.

    There are so very many complex issues, that people who are used to fansubs have no idea about – and don’t account for in their “that wouldn’t be hard” or “this shouldn’t be so expensive” comments.

  3. hxb says:

    Thanks for the review!
    Do you know if Dengeki Daioh can be bought through amazon.co.jp?

  4. Hi there – You’re welcome! A quick search says no, but I admit I didn’t look hard.

    I get mine as a subscription through a local Sanseido bookstore. I am fairly certain that there are online stores through which you can buy subscriptions to Japanese magazines, but I honestly don’t know which ones. Maybe someone else can assist you with that.

  5. hxb says:

    Thanks, I appreciate your reply.
    I guess I’ll go ask another Kinokuniya tomorrow. Hopefully they can help..The first local Kino branch that I went to told me the March DD issue is already sold out… o.o”

  6. Good luck! It’s really hard to get a back issue of a magazine through bookstores – even American magazines and American bookstores have no real way to do that efficiently.

  7. Kieli says:

    I have a quick question (and I hope you’ll pardon my ignorance) but I was wondering where I could get the HxB miniCD as well as the Drama CD. I think I found the Drama CD on amazon.co.jp but had no luck with the mini-drama CD. Can it only be found with the back issue Dengeki Daioh? I suppose I could try some Japanese auction sites but I think my brain might explode from all of the kanji that I don’t know. Thanks for your help in advance.

  8. The mini CD was only available with the April 2006 Dengeki Daioh or in auctions.

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