Yuri Manga: Shoujo Sect, Volume 1

February 28th, 2006

I don’t have a lot of time today, so I thought I’d review something superficial. Shoujo Sect is about as superficial as they come.

The basic premise is…well, there really isn’t a premise. It’s a series of near-plotless sexual encounters between young women who attend a private school and in most cases, room together in a dorm. The common denominator is Naitou, a blond who moves through the other girls’ stories as a kind of ghost – and so is clearly the real protagonist.

In the first chapter Naitou bets Benio an iPod over which one can get the better kiss from Ayame. Benio gets full-blown sex but forgets to get a picture as proof. When, the next morning, Ayame gives her a big ole good morning kiss in front of Naitou, Benio wins.

Enjyoji Maya steals a kiss from Honda Shinobu – unbeknowst to Maya, Shinobu has a cult of personality at this school, a veritable Hugh Hefner. In not too much time, Shinobu has Maya naked and in thrall. Naitou interrupts.

Chizuru convinced her sempai Shigure that she really REALLY likes her. Naitou plays the voyeur

Tomoe runs into Suu-sempai one day as the older girl lays outside with another girl asleep in her lap. The next time they run into each other, Suu takes Tomoe into the art supply room for a little personal attention. Naitou and Shinobu have a little unrelated conversation about the school uniform and hamburgers.

Asafuki is crushing badly on housemate Naitou, who hasn’t noticed. Setsuka has, but she really has it bad for Asafuki. Setsuka takes things into her own hands and has her way with Asafuki, who screams Naitou’s name at the key moment. At dinner that night, Setsuka asks Naitou what her type is…a conversation which opens Asafuki’s eyes to the fact that Setsuka is a better option all around.

In what has to be the oddest chapter, we start with color pages of lovers Chikae and Utano. Utano does not speak, apparently. At school two of their classmates call them lesbians and insult them. They defend each other – but don’t deny they are lovers. One girl who was slapped runs off to get a teacher. Utano makes love to Chikae right there in the classroom, not stopping when students arrive. The girls leave, and after they finish, Utano thanks Chikae…and disappears because of a magic spell. When Naitou arrives, Chikae is on the floor huddled up, crying. Utano is gone. I pretty much liked these two the best, so it was a little depressing…

Naitou arrives at the clubroom, aka Shinobu’s personal playroom, with some copies. She finds a wide assortment of Shinobu’s girls, all dressed up in a variety of fetish outfits. (Naitou, on seeing Maya in low-cut leotard, stockings, heels and dog ears: “That’s some outfit, Enjyoji-san.”) In a small room on the side Kirin and Matsuri have sex, quietly, so Shinobu doesn’t hear them. Shinobu and Naitou go outside for a chat, and Shinobu confesses that she likes Naitou.

Omake chapter – a bunch of the girls have sex for spurious reasons.

Drawn by by Kurogane Kenn, the art is cute, but a little too moe/loli for me to really like. The sex is most definitely sex-like. Like Maka-Maka, this is pretty much Yuri porn by a guy. Decent porn. Not ugly, not gross, just “Plot, what plot?” porn.

Art – 7
Character – 4 (we don’t really get to know any of them)
Story – 2 (there isn’t any)
Yuri – 9
Service – 7
Overall – 6

Depending on your mood and tastes, this could be just the ticket. It’s definitely good, filthy Yuri fun.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice, finally a break from all the fanyboys whining about things being subbed! Because, you know, porn oh so very much needs subtitles, and we sure can’t figure out exactly what’s going from context, let alone accurate summaries of everyone’s ‘motivations.’

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, how terrible! I’m reading a blog about things I enjoy and I want to enjoy the things on it!

  3. Yeah, yeah. In defense, I rather like the little characterization that’s provided. Most especially for Shinobu and Momoko but… at the least there is more than in Maka-Maka.

    Anyway, typical props. Grab scanlations of a couple of chapters at the website linked to my nick, english-speakers.

  4. I have to radically disagree with this. In Maka-Maka, we learn a great deal about both Jun and Nene – their dreams, their backstories, the interaction between them starts as friends, moves to them as lovers, then them in love. In Sect, we basically have a bunch of girls about whom we know – and learn – nothing.

    They are both decent porn. Anyone kidding themselves that either is anything more is just kidding themselves.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Shoujo sect is porn for porn sake. Haha I can barely tell what’s going on EVEN in scalations! >_>

  6. Anonymous says:

    The pros: nicely drawn, we get above average character characterisation for hentai.
    The cons: apart from their love affairs we learn little about the girls; there is no real overarching storyline and sometimes it’s hard to follow what’s going on because of pacing issues, badly laid-out speech balloons and such.

    Really wanted to know why Utano spoke and what happened to Chikae later on, but I guess that would have been plot. *sigh*

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