Event: Yuricon at Sakuracon!

March 21st, 2006

Yuricon is on the road again! This week we’ll be visiting Seattle, Washington to attend Sakuracon.

Look for Yuricon and ALC Publishing at Table 147 in the marketplace, near the exit. You’ll be able to get yuri publications from ALC at *massive* discounts. We’re doing a special $5/$10 sale for Seattle.

And we’ll be holding Sakuracon’s first-ever yuri panel. Join us on Saturday, March 25 at 9PM in Panel Room 1 (Room 603 on the 6th floor).

I will be joined by several Yuricon friends and staffer for the weekend, so make sure you say hi to myself, the wife, staffers Donna and Serge and friends Bruce, Jen, Hillary and who knows who else? :-)

I’ll look forward to seeing you all – and don’t forget to check the Yuricon Events page regularly for an event or panel near you!

I’ve got a new laptop for travel and I *hope* to be connected during this trip, so check back for updates and pictures. But the rest of the Lamb’s Vacation synopsis will have to wait until I get some real time…

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  1. J says:

    The Yuri went to Tokyo last year, and I went to SakuraCon. The Yuri goes to SakuraCon this year, and I’m in Tokyo. I sense a pattern here…

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